May 19, 2021

Check Out Our Exciting New Website!

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new website

We just re-launched Makeplease! It’s a new website, designed and brilliantly built for Makers and people who want custom art. Come in and see how we’ve evolved!


See what the new Makeplease has to offer.

Yay it’s here! Welcome in! We’re super excited to lift the veil on our brand new website and have you scope it out. We’ve been busy. There’s a fresh design and tons of new, incredibly useful features, all created with you in mind. Makeplease has always been great, but now it has reached its full potential and has elevated to a whole new level of a fun, user-friendly environment. We hope you like what we’ve done with the place.

What’s new?

We teamed up with our partners at State Creative to build a powerful marketplace and network for art Makers and art buyers (or Takers as we like to call them).

It’s a brand new website and custom designed online platform focused on providing freelance artists the opportunity to connect with art lovers around the world. We still have that same mission that we’ve always had, but we’ve added a bunch of new functions and features.

Now, Makers and Takers can effortlessly message each other, read and leave reviews for Makers, and you can bookmark your favorites! And posting and customizing your Maker or Taker Profile as well as managing and editing posts is much more streamlined and intuitive. It’s easy and exciting to use. The new website has a powerful search too, so it’s more straightforward than ever to find the perfect Maker to fulfill your creative needs, or the ideal Request to take on.

Perhaps most importantly, the new site is now easy to use on your mobile device, so you can be on-the-go and still check on the progress and status of your commissions and conversations and keep the ball rolling.

We’ll also now be sharing news, tips, stories, and features on our new blog!

New website, same Makeplease vibe.

We’ve had a major glow up, but on the inside we’re still the same. We are still 100% here to help freelance Makers land gigs, make connections, and bring people’s Requests and ideas to life. And Makeplease will always be run by an artist who is understanding of your wants and needs.

Makeplease is your place to commission Makers for custom art and design. It is completely dedicated to custom work; items are not sold, but rather Makers are commissioned for brand new projects. Using Makeplease is totally free, as always. There are no complicated bidding wars, no transaction fees, no hidden costs. It’s as simple as finding the perfect Maker or finding the perfect Request, and kicking off an amazing, one-of-a-kind project. Learn more about Makeplease and founder Haley Davis.

We’d love to hear your input!

What do you think of the new website? We built this platform for you so we’re all ears for your feedback!

Whether it’s about our new look, your experience, or topics you’d like us to cover in our blog, let us know what’s on your mind.

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