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My name is Haley and I am an artist who loves making things for people. I have been freelancing since I graduated from RISD a few years ago, and even with that under my belt, there is no guarantee that I will automatically receive commissions and make a living that way. Like many artists and designers, I love to do custom work for people, making their day with something totally tailored to their desires, and all the while I’m getting paid to do what I enjoy. We crave the opportunity to be that one person to create exactly what this client needs. But finding these opportunities is not easy.

Once I had graduated, I searched all over the internet for ads wanting an artist to do something in my region of Providence, RI. Sometimes I’d get lucky and find a great gig—after hours of searching, sinking into my couch. I did custom paintings, murals, and even had the great experience of working for the Public Art Fund on a huge public sculpture to be displayed in Brooklyn. For that last project, I was able to bring on board a few former peers of mine, who were so grateful. Not only did we get to work with an established artist, Katarina Grosse, and an incredible organization, but we got paid very well– just doing our thing. Just as grateful as we were, the Public Art Fund told us they would have never been able to finish that project without our last minute help.

Everytime I got a commission, friends asked me how I found it, and I could never offer any advice except to set aside hours each day researching and maybe finding something that isn’t a scam. So here we were, highly skilled artists and designers with so much potential to bring anyone’s idea into fruition, and eager for the opportunity to do so. Finally, I was like, “Screw it— I’m just going to make a website myself.”.

So find the Maker who will make you whatever you want or help get you there. Makers, find a cool Request and work your magic. Meet likeminded people and collaborate.


Haley 🙂


If you want to check out some of my art, go to my insta @prescriptionhugs, or my portfolio, And plz feel free to email me at!


A little bit more about me: besides art, I’m really into…

all creatures except mosquitos, entomology, finding bones and nests, hiking and being outside, propagating succulents, pastel colors, milk glass, mugs with handles that fit just right, mini plastic animals, mini snow globes, maple almond butter, and some of my favorite places are Lake Tahoe, the Museum of Natural History, Fabric Outlet in the Mission, my room, and the Halloween aisle of any store. I especially like my bearded dragon, Travis Barker, and my pacman frog, Dill Pickle.