Makeplease Mission

Our mission is to give freelance Makers the exposure and opportunity to earn a living with their art by providing an online platform that makes it easy for people to find and commission them for exactly what they need created.

About Makeplease

Makeplease is your place to commission Makers for custom art and design. You may have a great mural planned for your space, but need a painter, or maybe you want to get custom-made bar stools for your restaurant, but need a furniture designer.

Whatever your idea may be, not only can you post a Request, but you can also browse through Maker Profiles of artists and designers from all over the world, specializing in all types of mediums, just waiting for you to commission them.

On Makeplease, users can browse through Maker Profiles, filter by Skill and Location, and choose a Maker that fits their aesthetic. And on the flip side, Makers can also browse through Requests. And unlike other sites that help artists sell their work, Makeplease is completely dedicated to custom work; items are not sold, but rather Makers are commissioned for brand new projects.

Using Makeplease is totally free, there are no complicated, daunting bidding wars, there is a category for every type of art and design you can think of, there are Maker Profiles that let you find potential collaborators in addition to gigs, and it’s clearly made from scratch by a fellow artist who understands the needs and wants of other Makers.

Makeplease is meant for making connections. It’s as simple as finding the perfect Maker, finding the perfect opportunity, and kicking off a great project and a valuable, potentially life-long connection.

Haley Davis

Founder & Fellow Maker

Let me introduce myself! Read more to learn about who I am and why I made Makeplease.

As a user looking to commission custom art or design, browse Makers whose skills fit your needs! Search by skill, location, and keywords.

As a Maker looking for commissions, browse available gigs or jobs that fit your skills! Search by compensation range, skills, location, and keywords.

Post your headshot, bio, skills, and portfolio so that users can find and commission you!

Post a description of what you need created so that Makers can respond to your post and fulfill your Request!

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