Coronado, CA, United States

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My name is Riley Conn, I was born in Coronado, California in 1969. As the son of a naval aviator I was privileged to live in many different places during my childhood and got to experience different cultures, places, and people. After graduating from the University of California at Davis I lived in Mammoth Lakes California for 15 years before moving to La Quinta California. I recently returned home and now reside in Coronado California. I work primarily in acrylic and constructing collages while currently working from Coronado or any interesting place on my road trips. I am inspired by nature, color, places and history. My main artist influencers are Maynard Dixon, Edgar Payne, CM Russell, Olaf Wieghorst, Logan Maxwell, Billy Schenck, Dolan Geiman, and Mitchell Johnson. My work is currenly exhibited at FarahNHeight Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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