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Arlington, VT, United States

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It was 1986, I was 16 years old, living in Guadalajara Mexico when somehow I got my hands on a 1984 McIntosh. If I remember correctly it had only two software programs, a word processor and Paint!, I was instantly hooked making pixel people, TV characters, my family, friends and teachers for hours at a time. Forgetting homework all together. After years of oil painting, plein air, studio, gallery shows, competitions and moving all over the place; from Guadalajara to San Francisco to Manhattan and finally settled in Southern Discovered Paint has color!, maybe for many years now, allowing me to give these drawings and extra punch. And again, can't stop making them. Pocospuntos (means few dots in Spanish) sounds boring when trying to explain these little guys, "drawings of people made pixel by pixel about 27 pixels high"; but when showing them they seem to make people excited. The making of Pocospuntos has been pure happiness, maddening at times and hard work. They are having more likes and followers than I could ever expected on my Instagram. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for visiting my website. Ben




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