Gainesville, FL, United States

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Hello! My name is Arianna Leon Uberti. I'm Venezuelan and one day of 2013 I fell from a 2 months later I started to Illustrate my unique vision of the world. ​ I'm a dreamer, believer in magic, with a lot of passion for nature and its forms. I spend the majority of my days teaching myself how to use mistakes as creative weapons. love to tell stories through my creations and bring joy to the world. Colors and happiness are the main character of my work and very piece that I make is created with a positive purpose. Currently based in after becoming an Artist In Residence for MOXY HOTELS, by Marriot, in New Orleans. Current clients: Amazon, CitizenM, Sushi & Cebiches, AIFA Mexicos International airport, Rigos Meal and many amazing small business!


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