Nov 29, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide: 3 Ideas for Gifts Made by Freelance Artists

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This holiday season, supporting Makers and shopping small for your gifts is a win-win situation.


By Jacquelyn Moreno


This holiday season, supporting Makers and shopping small for your gifts is a win-win situation. Not only are you giving the best possible gift because it’s made-to-order based on your requests for that specific loved one, but you’re also putting your money into the hands of a creative, hardworking individual rather than an enormous corporation that has no idea who you or your gift recipient are.


Idea #1: Give the gift of customizing a painting or sculpture of someone’s pet or even of themselves

All Makers on Makeplease have their own style and different design in their paintings. This makes the process fun to be able to find the Maker who encapsulates what you’re looking for. You will be able to brainstorm ideas with the artist you choose, who can help guide you in building the overall painting idea of your loved one or their pet.

You could try art by Ruby Michelle that would be a soft gouache painting. One of her paintings, A Place To Call Home, could be a great idea for a introverted sibling or friend who cherishes their own space and rendition it into their room. Ruby has a magical fairy tale touch to her art you could place someone’s dog or cat running through a whimsical forest. You could even go above and beyond and add one of her KeepSake Clips from Bank Story. They are handmade filled with natural tiny flowers that could also be a stocking stuffer.

Allie Facio, a Filipina Portland based Maker, also does commissioned paintings on Makeplease. Her art reminds me of a dream-like state of bright colors and a surreal interpretation of reality. She also works on a variation of different sizes from small prints and postcard sized paintings to 3ft canvases. Allie also makes beaded jewelry, wrapped crystal necklaces and airbrushed sculptures of whatever your brain can imagine. This could be a good gift idea for someone who is into a trippy style of art. Everyone loves to see different interpretations of themselves and with creative artist to make that is priceless. 

Idea #2: Give the gift of something they didn’t know they needed, until now.

Aliyah Sahar is the creator of the brand LittleMonsterHouse that is made up of an assortment of art varying from paintings, animation, illustration and clay work. Aliyah is dedicated to using art for women empowerment and to give more color to the world. She makes an assortment of different art like custom incense holders, journals and ornaments. LittleMonsterHouse has cow-patterned cowboy hat incense holders that are one of a kind for that family member or friend that keeps their incense burning to cleanse the energy in their house. Aliyah has another incense holders featuring her little monster characters stacked on top of each other.


If the incense holders don’t catch your interest, don’t worry. She also makes custom painted journals and tree ornaments. She has her own style of edgy little monster characters that bring life and brightness to their unique third eye faces with their tongues sticking out. You could gift these or if you have your own idea, she could also help bring your own ideas to fruition with her art. All of her orders come in a hand decorated box and a bow so you don’t even have to go out of your way to wrap the gift.

Idea #3: Artsy gifts can be useful too. Give someone an creative gift that they can use all year long.


Molly Gilbert, the creator of MGilbertGoods, makes custom artistic rugs, pillows and even tote bags. Her art is not only plushy, soft and cute but this is art that is useful for anyones home. She has customized different types of rugs like a beetle, intricate poppy flowers and symmetric butterflies. Molly has even done a personalized rug of someone’s dog for those dog moms and dads in your life. Her checkered pillows are perfect for the type of person who cherishes rare finds that they could show off on their couch or bed. She also customizes blank canvased tote bags with the same plush yarn and gives a three dimensional look to them.

Commissioned art from Makeplease Makers are way more heartfelt and the perfect way to show your love in a gift that can’t bought at some chain department store. Instead, commissioned art is a one of a one-of-kind type of gift made with passion and skill by artist who love what they do. Browse through all Makers and find the perfect gift here

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