How much does it cost to use Makeplease?

Nothing! Makeplease is free to use.

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Yes, it’s really free. No catch. Haley, the founder of Makeplease, is an artist. She created this platform for artists like herself, knowing that we all hate extraneous transaction fees and the like. This has been a passion project of hers for quite some time and the intention was never to make a profit, but to help artists like herself get commissions.

Am I a Maker or a Taker?

These are terms you will see us using throughout Makeplease. It helps us easily refer to each of the two individuals in the equation: the person making the art, and the person commissioning the art. You are a Maker if you are an artist or designer looking for more commissioned work and clients. You are a Taker if you are looking to commission a Maker for custom artwork, which you will then eventually “take”.

Can I be both a Maker and a Taker?

Yes, but you need to have a separate account for each. You can have one account that is your Maker account, and one account that is your Taker account.

What are Requests?

A Request is an artistic gig or job that has been posted by someone in search of custom work. Users may post a Request rather than browsing and commissioning Makers directly, if they would rather have the Makers come to them.

How does a user send payment to a Maker for their work when commissioned through Makeplease?

Makeplease is a connecting point where Takers can message a Maker to either commission them for custom work, or maybe they want to claim one of the art pieces posted on their page.

When a Taker messages/commissions a Maker, or when a Maker responds to a Request, the Maker and their new client take it from there. This is a connecting point for Makers and Takers to get a project rolling, or have an artwork claimed. Transactions are not made through Makeplease. Makers will provide a payment method (PayPal, Venmo, etc) after coming to an agreement with the Taker and they handle it between themselves. No transaction fees here 🙂


Where do I edit my profile, posts, or settings?

Go to Dashboard in the menu at the top of your screen.

How can I get featured as Maker of the Week?
  1. Have a Maker Profile on Makeplease
  2. Have an active Instagram account and follow ours @makeplease
  3. Have a clear, professional-looking headshot on your Maker Profile
  4. Have clear, good photos of your work both on your Maker Profile and your Instagram
  5. Make sure your Maker Profile is completely filled out and looking sharp
  6. We choose based on the above factors, as well as how we think your work will look in our feed on Instagram
  7. It always helps if we know you! (But of course not dependent on this). Engage with us on insta, shoot us a DM, or reach out here

Still have a question? Please contact us.

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