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My life as a maker started at a very young age; I’ve always been that kid in school who couldn’t write the best sentences or complete the math exam completely on time. Although I stalled in traditional curriculum, I excelled in the arts and came alive when I was able to dip in paints, colored paper and mold clay. My preferred medium in middle school: html. In high school is was dance and pep flags. During college, I created full blown websites and magazine layouts for up-and-coming local artists in LA. And although the fork in the road lead me to graduate with a in Nursing, I fell in love with a new medium: food. As in culinary arts. For 4 years I chased the early definitions of what is now called a food “influencer”. No one ever really knew what that all meant anyway during the wild Wild West days of Instagram, but I stayed true to my form: a forever creative. Today, after the pandemic has taught me in the most life-threatening way, I realize that not following my spirit as a full-time creative would be a disservice. So this year, I took the leap and opened up a small plant shop in the middle of a busy industrial space, only to serve as a seed to the bigger goal: be an interior / exterior green designer. I want to share the love I have for plants to every household, community and environment. I want to elevate the scene with green friends, plant installations and moss murals. I want the shock factor to be the onset of an individual’s eternal biophilia.



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