Vera Koss

About Vera Koss

Hi, my name is Vera Koss, and I am an illustrator from Moscow based in Poland.

I bound my first book at the age of 4 (with the great help of my mother).

My toys were drawn paper characters cut out from the paper, they had backpacks, jackets to wear…

I graduated from Art School, then British School of Art&Design Illustration Hons.

I professionally illustrate for more than 5 years.

Due to my passion for traveling, you can find my zines in art and book-related shops around

the World (Portugal, Russia, Poland, Georgia).

I had a range of exhibitions in Poland. In addition, I exhibit and sell my works on many online platforms. I create digital and hand-drawn illustrations and graphic novels.

I took part in the Comic Festival “Boom” in St. Petersburg.

Vera Koss's Mediums
Examples of Vera Koss's Work

Fanart - Leon Carax


Fanart - Wes Anderson