Dec 24, 2021

4 Reasons to Shop Small Rather than Buy from Big Businesses

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When you shop small businesses, you improve the economy, diversity, community and your overall happiness


By Jacquelyn Moreno


I’m sure we’ve all had that moment while walking past a small business store-front we’ve loved and have seen they were permanently shut down due to the pandemic. Shopping small could help pave a new normal of giving back to online and store-front small businesses rather than large corporations. We have the opportunity to think smarter about where we shop and make sure our decision is well thought out on who it benefits in the long run.


1. Small businesses are important to the economy

It may not seem like they have a big impact but small businesses contribute to economies around the world. According to The World Trade Organization, small-and-medium sized enterprises make up to 90 percent of the business population. The more customers that shop small businesses, the more demand for the products being sold and the more products being sold, the need for more employees. For Makers, this wouldn’t necessarily mean hiring employees but the more customers, the better resources to do what they love.


2. Shopping small means more diversity

Being able to consciously makes purchases for the greater good, means that you’re able to contribute to diverse business owners from different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, ages and social classes. Bigger businesses usually have their representation dependent on profit rather than diversifying their products or what they’re selling. The UN created something called Sustainable Development Goals and included diversity in number 8 0f their 17 goals for Decent Work and Economic Growth, saying “Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.” With that being said, everyone should have the ability to make a profit from their small business and give the world an assortment of products as diverse business owners versus store bought duplicates.


3. Keep your community alive and social

The people who own these bigger businesses are not interacting with their customers whenever a transaction is made. With small businesses, you’re able to encourage more community due to the fact that you personally get to interact with sellers on a personal level. Buyers and sellers are able to build a bond through similar interests. As a customer, you even have the opportunity to discuss specific needs and wants to small business owners in a more receptive way than any bigger business owner could. There’s basically a zero percent for tailoring the product you want from these bigger businesses nor do they put much thought into individual customers. It’s more about the profit rather than care.


4. You’ll feel good about it

Nothing gives me more serotonin than knowing that when I shop small, my support is going towards people who care for what they do and I can thrive from their purchases and impact lives in a positive way. I think it comes from the interaction of getting to know the small business owner and their mission to give out good products to their customers. Buying from big businesses usually holds no weight to their mission and usually comes down to mass production that is in no way sustainable to the Earth. Not to mention the slave labor and not paying their workers a fair wage that we hear about. This is a way to stand in solidarity for the common good amongst all people and spend your money wisely. This could be an everyday occurrence and instead of going to your chain grocery store for your fruits and veggies, try your local produce market!


You can shop small for anything you need in life. Start here by commissioning Makers who own their own small businesses! Fulfill your artistic needs & wants — and contribute to the greater good!

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