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Makeplease is a worldwide platform that connects freelance Makers with people who want custom art and design.

Makeplease is meant for making connections

Our mission is to give freelance Makers the exposure and opportunity to earn a living with their art by providing an online platform that makes it easy for people to find and commission them for exactly what they need created.

As a user looking to commission custom art or design, browse Makers whose skills fit your needs! Search by skill, location, and keywords.

As a Maker looking for commissions, browse available gigs or jobs that fit your skills! Search by compensation range, skills, location, and keywords.

Post your headshot, bio, skills, and portfolio so that users can find and commission you!

Post a description of what you need created so that Makers can respond to your post and fulfill your Request!

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Kit Howland

Providence, United States


East Orange, United States


Akron, United States

Michelle Kondrich

University Park, United States

People in need of your art & design skills!


Haley Davis

Founder & Fellow Maker

Let me introduce myself! Read more to learn about who I am and why I made Makeplease.

Makeplease Haley Davis the founder displays profile

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24 Mar, 2022

8 Ways to Promote Your Art Online

Promoting your art these days can be overwhelming. Start with these 8 ways to bring in more sales & commissions!   By Jacquelyn Moreno   1. Promote your artist statement to fit exactly who you are I would consider this step to be the most important since


Makeplease is an online platform that works by connecting freelance artists and designers with people who need custom art and design.

If you’re a Maker

Post a Maker Profile and browse Requests. People can commission you through your Maker Profile, and you can also reply to any posted Requests.

If you’re in search of a Maker

Post a Request or browse Makers. Makers can reply to your posted Request, or you can commission a Maker through their Maker Profile.

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