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As an artist I find that I am always creating or thinking about creating something, but finding a way to translate what has become a constant urge to create into a little side income has never been an easy task. In fact I myself find the hustling and self promoting that goes along with trying to make it as an artist to be a hindrance to the mindset I prefer to be in when creating. Makeplease has a great system set up for people looking for an artist to have commissioned work done. The artists aren’t competing or having to compromise anything to acquire work, but instead being chosen based upon their own talents and styles.
Having been commissioned for work through Makeplease I can say that it was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. I was contacted by someone looking to have an illustration made for a birthday present. After exchanging emails a few times we had agreed upon a price for the work a date for completion and I had an idea of what the illustration needed to entail. In the end we both were very happy with the outcome and ease in which it all came together.

Artist, Production Manager at Photograph and Frame


I love this partnership and the creativity and customization that is makeplease.com.

Jewelry designer, owner of Phenomenal Fern jewelry shop, teacher


Makeplease helped me to reach a new audience with my artwork, and I appreciate having been featured as a Maker of the Week. Keep doing what you do!

Thanks again,



I love your site and the whole concept and am really excited to be part of it!

Thanks again!


Artist and Illustrator


It’s been great pleasure that you picked me up and featured me. I got many people to see my works and comments. I have increasing followers and fans,this is great.
There are not many like the web service you run it is for me to join easily and so kindly to follow other artists and get followed.
I hope people get to know each other like being friends through Makeplease.



Illustrator and Designer

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When I first came to MakePlease as an “art taker”, I was thrilled to know that there is such place that can easily provide inartistic art-lovers, like myself, to hire artists for projects. I am a low budget film-maker who thrives on crowdfunding and make shift equipment; and when we were in dire need of a creative visual for my short film, “Giant Eyeball Head”, MakePlease.com came up. I personally needed someone who can openly understand the story of my short film and the high concept validity that I had imagined in my mind. I worked with Haley Davis, who happens to be the founder and creator, she was amazing to work with because she had the same excitement I had when collaborating about illustrating a young boy being chased by a well-dressed lawyer who had an Eyeball for a head and claws for hands. The second time, I came to MakePlease to hire an artist for a birthday gift; I take gift-giving very seriously as disingenuous as it may read, so I wanted to give my friend something unique and one of a kind. I requested an odd portrait of my friend morphing into Darth Vader, in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas; two things she wholeheartedly loves. I worked with a talented artist, who not only had great communication with me but also made copious drafts until we landed on what I have envisioned. It’s all incredibly safe and as an art-taker, you can call the shots to either meet in person or have it sent. For me, MakePlease is a go-to site; it’s a hole in the wall shop of the digital world, and it’s my secret weapon when the Holidays come around.

Sincerely, Marinna T. Benzon

Film maker

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Your website is so colorful and inspirational. I love it!! Thank you for your initiative. I appreciate your work!

multidisciplinary idea designer

So thrilled to be featured all this week by www.Makeplease.com !!! It’s a great website that connects creative makers with clients! Have a peek, especially if you are looking for something to be made!!

Illustrator, Maker, Educator


Your website is great! Helping an artists to show they works. Many ways to show artwork, not only in galleries



Thanks so much for your hard work and for hosting a site that helps promote artists. Very impressive!

illustrator, painter, ceramicist


Catch my love and thank you for doing what you do – it’s so great!



Im thankful that you create a very helpful site, it will help a lot of artist that has no capability to pay ads like me.. I am so glad I found an online place which appreciates arts and crafts like what we are doing not to mention that it brings makers closer to prospective customers… Again thank you sooo much for the opportunityA

Apparel and Textiles Designer


Thanks for providing people with such a cool platform to be seen or commissioned, it can be so hard to find people that want work! :)

Apparel designer/ Textiles artist/ Sculptor

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